30 Years On: The First 10 Years

30 Years On: The First 10 Years

Abba 1982

Abba: The Singles: The First 10 Years

It would become their last 10 years, only releasing a few items after this compilation. I never had any Abba LPs, just a lot of 45’s, so this double LP was quite the experience. Mainly to get better pressings of those worn out singles, this album showed me just how many great songs they had, and I do mean a LOT. 23 tracks and not one bad one in the mix. Yeah, some of them are a bit silly now, but that is part of the fun. Later it morphed into the Abba Gold CD that sold about a billion copies a decade later. Wonderful photos on the album sleeve, not sure if I still have it around……

Amazon: Abba Gold: http://amzn.to/1nJAJZA

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