Vinyl Classics: Sean Heyden: Party Boy

Vinyl Classics: Sean Heyden: Party Boy

Sean heyden party boy

I do love this song, and it has been a nemesis for me [up there with some Den Harrow vinyl], never being able to get my hands on a copy of this great song. Had it on cassette from another DJ [Rick for those in the know], but finally found it on a Razormaid Anniversary compilation years later, in Cheyenne, WY of all places! Of course I soon found out that the vinyl had gotten a bit warped, so it never has played quite right. Looking around, just for fun, found a copy of the original on eBay today! Ordered it, and finally have it in my hands after so many years!

This is one of those ‘I’m gonna fix a drink, break out the vinyl, and have a private disco dance party’ kind of songs, you know, the ones you play over and over and still can’t get out of your head.

Anyway, great voice, great song, great production, pure ItaloEnergyDisco.

Sorry to say, after some searching, found out that Sean passed away in 1994 [by someone saying that he is his brother].


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  1. I love reading you comment. Your right Sean did pass away in 1994. I am Denise the oldest of two sisters. My brother was larger then life and lived life to the fullest in his 33 years. I don’t know all the details but he was so talented and pretty much self promoted party boy and it was played all over the world. I remember our cousins heard it at a club in Houston Texas and no one believed they were related ! He had a lot more music in him and I think with everything available today how popular he would have need. He was very driven and if I had to describe his personality he was extremely funny. I haven’t laughed as hard since he passed 25 years ago. My mom just passed so it gives me peace that he is in heaven with both mom and dad. I thankyou for your words and shared them with my two sons who never met there uncle so it means a lot to me you would be so kind. Now have that cocktail again and take another listen. Thank goodness we always have our memories. I love to relive them through music my self. I’ve played it so loud I have chronic ringing in my ears but it’s been worth it all the best to you. Denise brass.

    1. Thanks so much Denise for your comments. Hopefully many will wander upon this post and discover this great song, it deserves to be remembered.

    2. 1 danced to the song party boy and i lip synced it at the club called neighbors in 1988 in seattle WA apparently he was going to perform there and he was wondering who i was to bad he died ill be almost 57yo now gay guy here long time survivor of the thing that killed him so sad i wish i got to meet him my names willliam i live in california santa cruz ca ill always remember him

  2. I have the Original versions of the song; Disco Mix, Original, & 12″ Mix! They are perfect .wav files, if still interested……hit me up & I can share them.

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