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Welcome to Dance Music Report at The old DMR site has been moved here, along with all of the content, charts and scans. Please feel free to browse around. Also, some of the magazine download links were broken, fixing them. If you run across one that is inaccessible email me at – jim

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Dance Music Report was a DJ Magazine that was popular in the 1980’s to the early 90’s. It was the alternative to Billboard and featured Hi-NRG and Dance Charts and info for DJs.

Wikipedia: Dance Music Report, initially Disco News and later DMR, was a biweekly U.S. trade magazine oriented toward nightclub and radio DJs in the dance music industry. The magazine was first published in September 1978, changed its name from Disco News to Dance Music Report in 1979, and folded in 1992.

DMR content included North American regional reporting on local music and happenings, retail and radio reports from around the U.S., record pool news, industry updates, an annual readers’ poll, and year-end charts with BPMs.

FYI: As I add the DMR scans the posting dates will correspond to the actual issue date [no, I wasn’t blogging in 1989 ! ]

Harmonic Keys was a short-lived service from 1986 that listed the keys for popular dance tracks. The theory was that you should not only mix to the beat and speed, but to match keys too. While that is something I did by ear back in the day when I was a DJ, there were some interesting mixes that could be created using the key info that normally wouldn’t occur to me.
They lasted about a year before vanishing, and I have 9 issues [not even sure if they published any more than that]. If nothing else, it is good to have a list of the popular tracks of the day.



Various Charts from Dance Music Report Magazine. These were submitted from visitors, so if you have any from any years that you can share, please do!