30 Years On: War

30 Years On: War

U2 war

U2: War

Remember buying this album [or was it cassette, both are long gone, replaced by CD] at Wal-Mart of all places in early 1983. Never heard of them, but liked the name and the cover. “Seconds’ and ‘New Years Day’ got me hooked, and by the time that ‘Live At Red Rocks’ came out, I was a fan. They held me until ‘Joshua Tree’ but after that I kinda lost interest. Strange how you remember things, I also bought a copy of Alan Parsons ‘Tales of Mystery and Imagination’, the Edgar Alan Poe album at the same time.

Worked the concession area at the U2 concert in Denver in 1992, selling t-shirts, etc, I think it was the ‘Pop’ tour. Got to see some of the band live here and there, a fantastic show.

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