Star Wars Soundtrack

Star Wars Soundtrack

Anthology cover

Had a listen to the new Star Wars soundtrack release, the newer deluxe version with extra tracks that were released several years ago. I had the original LP for years and was looking forward to even more music from this favorite. After a while though, I got a little bored with it. Maybe it is because I listened to the original version for so many years but the new version did not flow very well. I think when the soundtrack was assembled in 1977 it was treated as more of a symphonic work, and not just a collection of music from the movie.

The ‘original’ soundtracks are still available used, and the ‘Star Wars Anthology’ combines all of the original LPs plus additional tracks in a nice box set. The ‘Episode 4’ music has been resequenced to better match the movie, but looks to have all of the original music. There are additional works for ‘Empire’, but from what I remember it looks to have the original tracks from the 1980 LP. This box was put together in the 1990’s and is a great music compilation from the Star Wars Trilogy. If you are a completist the newer versions have a lot more music, but to my ears these originals are a better listening experience.


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