Cyber Monday Kindle Tablet

Cyber Monday Kindle Tablet


The Kindle Tablet is on sale for about $33 thru Cyber Monday on Amazon. I have had one for a while, and for the price it is well worth it. The screen is good, speed is acceptable for this price range. Camera technically takes pictures, badly, and the speaker makes, well, sound, but other than that for the money is a great  value.

Apps load well, video and Netflix are fine, the Xfinity TV app streams tv fine, and the email client is usable. The web browser is decent for basic viewing, and the battery life is fine, if not stellar. Spend a little on some headphones and you will be good to go, or connect it to any bluetooth speaker if you have one.

It is not a whizbang iPad but for the price is about the best android tablet out there. Even includes Alexa now for voice commands.

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