Album: Jogging The Memory

Album: Jogging The Memory


Malcolm Dalglish
Jogging The Memory
Windham Hill WD-1046
Solo Hammer Dulcimer

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Produced by Elliot Mazer, Wiiliam Ackerman and Malcolm Dalglish.
Recorded and mixed at the River Valley Playhouse, Putney, Vermont, November 1985.
Additional recording and mixing at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA.
Digital editing at Digital Magnetics, Hollywood, CA.
Mastered at Bernie Grundman Studios, Hollywood, CA.

This album was recorded on a Sony 3324 digital 24-track tape machine. We used B&K 4000 series low-noise studio microphones for the hammer dulcimer. Also used were custom made Helpinstill Sensors. The original recording desk in Vermont was a Calrec “M” series mixer. The desk at Fantasy was a Neve 8108 desk with Necam automation. Ker series 104 speakers were used for location monitoring. The strings were custom made by La Bella Strings. Hammer dulcimer #59 made by Malcolm Dalglish, 1979. It has 17 treble courses and 17 bass courses.

This is an all digital recording courtesy of Bob Gucci.

Location recording gear courtesy of Naked Ear.

Malcolm Dalglish is a member of the trio Metamora.

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image from the LP release that I found:


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