Tune In, Turn On, Talknet, We Care

Tune In, Turn On, Talknet, We Care


Tune In, Turn On, Talknet, We Care

Those words would float over the AM radio, that jingle that would greet me on those late nights when I couldn’t sleep. Sally Jesse Raphael [before the TV show] and Bruce Williams gave out advice to the masses every weeknight. I can say they got me through some long nights.


I was thinking about that show the other night, and lo an behold, he retired in 2010. But in 2012 he started a podcast, and once again you can hear his great advice and that voice. Looks like he retired after about a year, but those podcasts are still available for those late night listens 🙂

You can subscribe at http://brucewilliams.com/ . 


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