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Obama and Christie: This is how government works

Obama and Christie: This is how government works

Obama and Christie

There have been a lot of reports on how Republican Governor Chris Christie has been very appreciative of President Obama during the Sandy aftermath, after Christie had previously slammed Obama about his lack of leadership. A Republican praising a Democrat running for re-election? Oh, the horror.

I just don’t get it. Are people so partisan that they would rather have an ineffectual head of the US during what is definitely the biggest disaster in recent years [cue President Bush and Katrina] versus a President that is actually trying to help the people he represents? And also have a governor that both asks and accepts help from same leader? Last time I checked, that was their job that they were elected to do. Sure, Congress is elected and manages to get nothing done for those they represent, but in what world is that the correct way things are supposed to be?

Now Christie can be as partisan as they come, but the man does speak his mind, and I am sure that he is damn well going to get some things done, and quick. While I do not agree with many of his politics, I do respect Governor Christie in his actual actions as of late. To paraphrase him, ‘I don’t give a damn about the election’, and Obama has more or less stated ‘the election will take care of itself ‘. Now is this a possible boon for the President and can he afford to be  magnanimous right now considering the political points he can make by portraying the responsible leader? Of course, but to be that cynical to think that is the reason for his actions is just a bit too much to accept. Besides, Christie may not get many brownie points from the Republican elite for his words this close to an election, but obviously he does not really care about that right now. Both men are more concerned with getting help and aid to people as soon as possible, period.

That is what are government leaders are supposed to do, lead. To make a big deal of the politics at this time is petty and down right inappropriate considering what our citizens are going through right now. I feel we have lost out way in this country, and are focused on the little unimportant things and ignoring the larger issues that really affect us at this time. Everyone needs to take a breath and step back a few feet to think about what is really important, and keep the political stances in perspective.

Some thoughts on tech magazines

Some thoughts on tech magazines

For many years, I subscribed to various tech magazines like InfoWorld, eWeek, etc. One by one they have dropped the print editions and shifted to website only versions. While I understand the economics of such a move, most of these publishers have ruined what was once a valuable resource. Look at the websites of any major tech site and you will see headers, ads everywhere, and somewhere in that mess is an article. Now in the print editions, you would probably see a right or left column ad, and maybe a footer, plus some full-page adverts. Go to the websites and there are ads at the top, off to the side, inside the posts, and of course lengthy footers with everything but the kitchen sink. I dare say no more that 30-40% of the page contains actual content, if that. OK, more ads mean more money, and there need to be links to the other areas of the site, but really, do you have to have so much stuff?

On a computer, I have gotten used to the noise on the pages, but I dare say a lot of viewers use their tablets to read news. So take the page and shrink the size, and now it is next to impossible to read anything without zooming in, and we will not even talk about the flash ad issue. A little responsive design would not hurt here.

As an option, some publishers have been making pdfs of their ‘magazines’ which are basically formatted at standard magazine size. Hello, do they not realize that most viewers will be looking at these on a tablet? The print is uncomfortably small, and you have to zoom in to read anything. Why not throw out the standard 8.5 x 11 paper size, and format them for a smaller page? Seriously, do they think people are printing out these pdfs? Sure, a few may, but the majority I am sure are viewing on a computer device. Open up an app like Flipbook and look, there are several articles excerpted, and the print is definitely legible and easy to read.

Now some magazine sites have opted for a ‘touch’ version of their sites for tablets, but as an owner of an iPad 1, the memory requirements are too much many times [thank you Apple] and causes Safari to close constantly. And just try to bypass the ‘do you want the desktop or touch version’ or ‘download our app’ intro page, and have the damn site remember your choice. eWeek is the most egregious perpetrator of this, but I am sure other sites have the same issues.

All I want is to be able to see the content folks, so try not to block me over and over, or you may find I am not the only one who has moved on…….just a thought.